Prevention Education and Management of Diabetes in Jamaica

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Prevention Education and Management of Diabetes in Jamaica

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Prevention Education and Management of Diabetes in Jamaica

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Prevention Education and Management of Diabetes in Jamaica

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The Trelawny Diabetes Management Project (TDMP) is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to prevention, education, and management of diabetes in Jamaica.

  • We teach individuals to manage their diabetes through education, healthy eating, and increased physical activities.
  • We provide healthy food and sports equipment for physical activities for three schools.
  • Through a partnership with the University of Minnesota, we conducted child nutritional assessments, and educational seminars for principals on sustainably developing access to food.
  • Developed a plan to establish a schoolyard farming project as a strategy to improve food security, providing adequate healthy food for primary school children in the area.
  • Plan to provide schoolyard farms for four primary schools. These include the Wakefield Primary School, Unity (Bunkers Hill) Primary School, Hastings (Deeside) Primary School and Bounty Hall Primary School. The farms will be located on the schoolyards of all four school with each school specializing in products as determined by each school. We will raise chickens, vegetables and fruits. The products will serve as food for the plate as well as excess to be sold for additional food items such as dairy products, breads, spices, etc.
  • We plan to start construction of the coops early 2019.
  • Your prayers for the success of this project.
  • Money for construction of the coops, equipment for the coops, purchasing of the birds, feed, manual labor to assist in the maintenance of coops. 
  • Financial and technical assistance to use rainwater collection and solar energy to minimize the impact on the environment.
  • Purchase refrigerators for eggs and freezers for the meat.
  • Funds to hire someone to assist in developing marketing for the products from the farm and a marketing/management program among the older children in the schools.


We need your support to continue to provide diabetes education, outreach programs and activities for the people of Trelawny, Jamaica.

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About Us

žThe Trelawny Diabetes Management Project is a non-profit organization aimed at providing a comprehensive wellness environment to address the education, prevention and management of type 2 diabetes in the Trelawny communities of Jamaica.  The project site is temporarily located in the Wakefield Baptist Church and includes the communities of Wakefield, Bunkers Hill and Deeside.




TDMP seeks to increase the understanding of type 2 diabetes through primary schools, adult education, community outreach, support groups, and small group meetings. 

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TDMP provides information on healthier lifestyles aimed at prevention of diabetes. Prevention strategies include culture, lifestyle, and diet relevant to the Jamaican community.

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TDMP provides information on diabetes prevention, diabetic care, lifestyle recommendations, and wellness strategies.  TDMP also assists in directing diabetic individuals towards proper medical care. 

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Trelawney Diabetes Management Project