TDMP provides information on healthier lifestyles aimed at prevention of diabetes. Prevention strategies include culture, lifestyle, and diet relevant to the Jamaican community.


TDMP will conduct workshops on how to choose, prepare and eat Jamaican foods more healthily. Moderation will be the theme. TDMP will try to dispel some of the myths about how to eat and why some foods should not be eliminated but limited in the diet.


TDMP will include physical activities aimed at youths and adults. Physical education is absent in the schools and adults engage in few physical activities. We initiated a baseball clinic that was well received. Funding is still needed for equipment, supplies, uniforms and transportation for coaches to travel to this remote area.


TDMP is anxious to construct a wellness center. Dr. Lee’s family will make available her former home-site in Wakefield. This site is adjacent to Wakefield Primary school and will also be convenient for children from the other schools. 


We need your support to continue to provide diabetes education, outreach programs and activities for the people of Trelawny, Jamaica.

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Trelawney Diabetes Management Project